Daily Special Mon-Thur & Sun


$7.00 (2 games, with shoes)


$7.00 (3 games, b.y.o. shoes) 

when lane are available please call for avaiability


Fri & Sat 9am-9pm


$8.00 (2 games, with shoes)


$8.00 (3 games, b.y.o. shoes)

when lanes are available please call for availability 



After 9:30pm see cosmic rate.

    Monday Senior Special $1.25 a game 1:30pm till 5pm

*Call for availability


    Tuesday Pizza Bowl  7pm - 9pm 2 Games, Shoes, and Hot out of the oven homemade delicious Cheese Pizza 

$10 per person (Minimum-3 People)

*Call for availability

 Thursday $1 Games  9am - 2pm  (Must be a Rewards Member) 9pm-Midnight unlimited Games

 $5 per person shoes at additional cost

*Call for availability


     Sunday Morning Special 9am-1pm

 $12 to rent a lane for 2 hrs of unlimited bowling 

1-6 bowlers per lane shoes at additional cost

*Call for availability